Peace and Quiet At Last!

by Yvonne on May 25, 2010

If peace and quiet is what you are looking for, then this is the place for you!  There are no neighbors with barking dogs, no construction projects to force you to run away as soon as you awake, and stay away for the day.  Just the distant sounds of the surf,  and the birds.  I am writing this post because for the last FOUR homes that I have rented through VRBO there have been construction projects underway on the neighboring properties.  Two of these projects involved removal of concrete via a jackhammer!!  Even though the homes themselves were nice, the construction of the neighboring residences rendered the homes untenable during the day.  The owners of the rental homes were unaware of the construciton projects and of course had no control over them.

So this is my guarantee to you:  you will have as much peace and quiet as you desire  – or at least as much as you can get from a home and it’s setting.

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